Ritesh Kumar
Frontend Developer


Oct 2017 - Present
  • Involved in the initial team building.
  • Agents App - An android only app built using React Native for agents. I was involved in the development of the app from start to release.
June 2015 - Oct 2017
  • Housing App - Developed a cross platform app using React-Native. It also included Redux, Observables and Immutable.js
  • Housing Go - Development of a PWA from scratch which involved React, redux, architecture setup and Server Side Rendering.
  • Housing Partner - Created a dashboard used by brokers and owners using Angular 2 and ngrx.

Open Source Projects

  • Transform - An online REPL for important transformations. All packages are under the organisation tranform-it.
  • storybook - Storybook is a development environment for UI components. I was an early contributor to the project.
  • embed-js - A plugin to embed emojis, media, maps, tweets, code and more. It is modular, customizable and plugin based.
  • Snape - An electron app to search, stream and download torrents.

Conference/Meetup Talks


2011 - 2015
Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee (IIT Roorkee)


JavaScript, HTML, CSS
React, Redux, React Native, Angular 1/2